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"Walking is a man's best medicine."


Hypnosis Counselling Coaching hypnotic ripple effect

"All truly great thoughts are conceived by walking."

Friedrich Nietzsche

Linda Witchell MA BSc (Hons) RGN Hyp Dip.


Want Peace of Mind? Do you want someone that will really listen and help in a non-judgemental way? Determined that things need to change?

If you are feeling stressed, anxious or are having panic attacks you want things to change fast. You probably aviod things, and you might find it difficult to talk to friends and family...

Anxiety, bereavement and loss happens to us all at sometime in our lives but you don't need to suffer...there is a solution. 

Hi I'm Linda

I'm an expert in helping people with stress and anxiety problems to feel better and enjoy life without fears or worry.

I want to tell you my story...

A long time ago I had to take that first step and go and see someone because I felt so stressed at work and I didn't know why. My therapist helped me to realise that I was being bullied in a very subtle way. From that day on everything changed and I became stronger and I could cope so much better. Today I know that I can deal with anything that I need to because I have developed new skills and new ways of looking at things.

I would like  you to know that  I believe that you have a right to be listened to as well. 

I believe that by being with another human being in a confidential place and discussing the problem you can find the answers and feel better, because I did.

No one has the right to tell you what to do as it's your life and you need to make decisions even if ithe decisions occasinonally result in a mistake because this is the essence of learning. Do you believe this is true? If so please make an appointment. You could have so much more to gain in your life than you have realised.

You can trust me as I'm a qualified counsellor using a calm and professional approach to help you explore your feelings and feel better. I'm confidential and follow a code of conduct from the National Counselling Society so you  know that I am serious about meeting high standards of care.

You can feel confident that I have the knowledge, skills and experience to help you, but if I feel that you need other help I will tell you.

I specialise in two areas. I help people with stress and anxiety issues and bereavement and loss. Anxiety may mean that you worry a lot, it may result in irrational fears or phobias or lack of confidence and self-esteem. You might feel anxious about specific things such as exams and test nerves, performances like speeches or anxiety when meeting people. Lots of people come to see me before they are due to get married as they need help to make a speech, mix with people, feel organised etc.

Some people call me the Bereavement and Loss Expert as I specialise in helping people who are grieving or who have lost something. This might be the loss of a business, the loss of teenagers who have gone to university or any other loss that leaves you feeling guilty, yearning, low mood etc. I listen and help people like you to cope, make changes and feel better in life. 

So if it's the loss of your loved one, the loss of a pet or maybe some other loss contact me today and find out how I can help.

Pet bereavement counselling is a unique area of counselling. Come and see me in Bournemouth or Ferndown, talk on the telephone or Skype. There are lots of ways of helping with pain of losing your pet.

The Way I work...

Everything is centred around you. f you want someone to give you their full attention, to allow you to get something off your chest and to support you to move forward in your life then counselling with me might be the answer.

I help you to understand your emotions, to cope and start to move forward in your life. Ultimately I know that you want to feel better.

I am an integrative counsellor so my work is underpinned by different counselling theories to help you make discoveries and find new ways. I suit the approach to the client. For many people Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)  counselling works well as its brief therapy.  Sometimes certain methods of counselling have been shown to help people more. For example, if you are feeling very anxious Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) might be the way to work together as it has been show to help anxiety.

I like to help you think more about the here and now or the future rather than dwelling too much on the past so I might ask solution focused questions. If you feel counselling might be for you we will always discuss the different ways I work to bring you the most support and change.

When you choose counselling with me I don’t give you advice, but I might help you to find additional information if needed.

You can also choose counselling to help you with relationship problems, bullying at work, lack of confidence, depression, coping with stress etc.

I offer a free consultation on the telephone or in person. Come and meet me at my office in Bournemouth or Ferndown. Remember I specialise in helping people with anxiety problems and I specialise in grief/loss and bereavement counselling. I'm a animal lover and I provide a specialist Pet Bereavement programme.

Awaken the Change, 1072 Christchurch Road, Bournemouth, Dorset BH7 6DS.

Clients seen by appointment only.


  • Feel beeter by sharing your problem
  • Feel safe because the service is confidential and non - judgemental
  • Easy access- day/some evening/some Saturday appointments. Disabled clients are always welcome
  • Skype and Telephone consultations may also be available (See
  • Free parking closeby if you choose face to face consultations
  • Suitable for all age groups ( Adults and young people 15 - 18 years)
  • Helps you to discover more about you and the ways you can come to terms with your problems
  • A counselling service to meet your individual needs. An integrated approach to meet your individual needs, that may include handouts to take home and a relaxation CD or MP3
  • Specialising in anxiety related problems and bereavement and loss.
  • A small price reduction is possible when you require more than 6 sessions.
  • Concessions for student counsellors
  • Member of the National Counselling Society

Average number of sessions varies but is usually a around 6 sessions. If you need more sessions that is fine. People who have Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) typically require 6 - 20 sessions. You could just have one or two sessions but with expereince I have found that most people need more than one session. This is why I have developed bereavement programmes that include so much more than just counselling. Send me an email or pick up the phone and ask me about the benefits of this service.

I also try to meet your needs by  providing telephone counselling if you are unable to come to my office in Bournemouth.

I'm a member of the Natonal Counselling Society.